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At Tealor Made (a series of Tea specially Tailor-made by hand and only made-to-order), we offered a fabulous range of healthy blend that uses only Quality grade, Pure non-polluted & non-additive, and most importantly Natural earth ingredients in our production.


Never stop Research & Development (R&D), finding and creating the best blend with the balance combining ingredients from tea leaves, herbs, fruits, and even spices.

We do not spend much on fancy packaging instead we opt for the BEST ingredients that worth every single cent you spend with us.

Pick one today Online Store! There will be one that suits you best day-to-day. We guarantee the authentic and refreshing flavor that you will love at first sip.

We will continue to select and bring in more High Quality, Pure, and Natural products with No Artificial Addictive or Chemical Additives into our site. Stay with us!